How do I manage my LifeFuels Subscription?

Need to add or change out a Pod?


  1. Visit on a computer and sign in to your account. (Please use the same login as your app account.)
  2. Proceed to Profile > Subscription > Modify Subscription.
  3. Select “Add Pod”.
  4. When the next screen opens with all of the Pods, click the grey X in the top right corner of the Pod you would like to remove. (It should say “Add” under the Pod now and the checkmark in the top left corner should disappear.)
  5. While still on this screen, please locate the Pod(s) you would like to Add. Press “Add,” and enter the desired quantity.
  6. Now press the black “Select” button in the bottom right corner of the website.
  7. You will automatically return to your subscription page.
  8. Now locate and press the black button “Update Subscription” on the right side of the page. *See photo below*