How do I load the FuelPods?

Each FuelPod comes with a tamper-proof seal. Be sure to remove the cap before loading the FuelPod.

  1. Unscrew the cap from the FuelPod and keep it for future use. *
  2. Remove the Base Cap from the bottom of the Base.
  3. Insert the FuelPod into an empty Bay and turn the FuelPod clockwise until you reach a hard stop and clicks into place. The Bay LEDs will flash confirming FuelPod recognition.
  4. Repeat step 3 with your remaining FuelPods.
  5. Replace the Base Cap and you are all set to start Fueling.

*We recommend keeping the FuelPod caps because they will come in handy when:

  • You travel. It is a good idea to remove the FuelPod from your Bottle and place them in a ziplock bag when you fly. FuelPods may dispense under extreme pressure changes.
  • When you want to change the FuelPod flavors in your Bottle. Replacing the cap will keep the FuelPod fresh.