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How do I customize beverages?

You can create custom beverages from multiple FuelPods in the LifeFuels App.

To create a custom beverage,

  1. Open the LifeFuels App 
  2. Select Beverages from the menu along the  bottom of the App screen
  3. Touch the “+” in the top right corner of the screen to create a new beverage
  4. Tap “select FuelPod” and choose a FuelPod from the list (note: FuelPods currently loaded in your Bottle will show up as “in Bottle”) 
  5. Indicate the desired serving size by sliding to the left over the “servings” circle. (A standard strength FuelPod serving is 2mL)
  6. You can add up to 3 FuelPod selections into your custom beverage 
  7. Once your beverage is finished, select “save” and name the beverage by replacing ‘New Beverage’ with your chosen beverage name
  8. Now your custom beverage will be listed within your App and you can tap to select your custom beverage and swipe to dispense

To edit or remove a saved custom beverage: 

  1. Select the pencil icon (insert image) at the top of the ‘Beverages’ tab
  2. Select the custom beverage you would like to edit or remove
  3. To remove a saved custom beverage, select the red circle icon next to the beverage and press ‘delete’ to remove the beverage

Video: How to create custom beverages.