How do I clean my LifeFuels Bottle?

We recommend that you wash your Bottle before its first use and at least once a week thereafter.

We recommend that you clean your LifeFuels Bottle at least once a week. To clean your Bottle,

  1. Remove the Vessel Cap, then remove the Expansion Bulb and gently lift the Lanyard Ring from the mouth of the Bottle.
  2. Remove the Vessel from the Base by twisting counterclockwise and lifting straight up.
  3. Gently unclip the Lanyard from the Base, and then remove the Vessel Gasket. The following five components are dishwasher safe; The Vessel Cap, the Expansion Bulb, The Vessel, The Vessel Gasket, and the Lanyard. 

icon-dishwasher safe icon-Lanyard


WARNING: The Base of the LifeFuels Bottle is NOT dishwasher safe. It can be rinsed under water, but should not be submerged. The provided cleaning brush is all you will need to clean the base.

  1. Wet the brush with clean water and wipe around the top of the Base and the groove.

To clean the Pod Bays,

  1. Remove the Base Cap from the bottom of the Bottle and unscrew each Pod counterclockwise and set them aside.
  2. Use your Bottle cleaning brush again, wet with warm water, insert into each Pod Bay, and use a circular motion to remove any liquid.

You can leave the Bays to air dry or take a dry cloth or cleaning brush and gently wipe the inside of the Bay to remove any remaining moisture.

Video: How to clean your Bottle