How do I reassemble my LifeFuels Bottle?

  1. Insert a Pod into each Bay by turning clockwise until it clicks into place and reaches a hard stop
  2. Screw the Base Cap onto the bottom of the Base
  3. Reattach the Lanyard to the Base where you see the matching cutout by pressing firmly into place and allowing the Lanyard to hang from the Base
  4. Insert the Vessel Gasket into the groove on the top of the Base, flat side down, ensuring that the Vessel Gasket is fully seated
  5. Secure your Vessel by lining up the Vessel notches to the notches in the Base, pressing down firmly and, while holding the Bottle Base, turning the Vessel clockwise until you reach a hard stop
      • While putting the Vessel back onto the Base may seem difficult at first, this is a critical step to ensure that your delicious beverage stays in your Bottle
      • Once you think that the Vessel is secure, pull up on the Vessel to double-check that it is locked fully in place
  6. Snap the Lanyard Ring over the mouth of the Vessel and push down over the threading on the mouth of the Bottle until it snaps into place
  7. Place the Expansion Bulb back inside the Vessel Cap with the bulb side facing out and press down on the Expansion Bulb to ensure a secure fit
  8. Screw the Vessel Cap back onto the Vessel