Does the LifeFuels Bottle come with a warranty?

Yes. The LifeFuels Bottle comes with a one (1) year limited warranty.



SEPTEMBER 16, 2019



LifeFuels represents and warrants to you that for twelve (12) months from the original date of purchase, the Bottle shall be free of defects in materials and workmanship, provided that you are using the Bottle as intended under normal use circumstances. The foregoing warranty is not applicable to any of the following: (i) software; (ii) cosmetic damage; (iii) normal wear and tear, (iv) Bottles purchased or used outside of the country of sale; and (v) Bottles purchased from an unauthorized distributor or reseller. The foregoing warranty is voided if: (a) the defects or damage to the Bottle is incurred from drops, other accidents, or general neglect; (b) you place the Bottle electronics in a dishwasher, microwaves, or refrigerators or submerge them in liquid; (c) you use the Bottle outside of its intended use, including, but not limited to, using hot water or liquids other than water, or any other beverage or beverage additive other than the Pods, in the Bottle at any point in time; (d) the modification or tampering with any of the Pods for use of the Bottle, (e) any defects or damage due to exposure of the Bottle to prolonged and continuous heat that goes beyond the ordinary course of everyday use (e.g. leaving the Bottle in an unattended vehicle or any other similar circumstance or environment exposed to unreasonable heat from the sun) and (f) your Bottle is missing valid a serial number.  In addition, no express or implied warranty shall be applicable to any Pods that are used beyond their applicable expiration dates as labeled.

To make a warranty claim, you must first obtain an RMA number and return shipping label by requesting a return authorization from LifeFuels customer service team by emailing You are responsible for mailing the Bottle back to us, and you assume the risk of loss or damage to the Bottle while it is in transit back to us. Once LifeFuels receives the original Bottle and confirms that your warranty claim is valid, we will either repair or replace the Bottle, and will ship the repaired Bottle or a replacement Bottle to you within a reasonable amount of time. LifeFuels will only replace the Bottle’s core electronics (the “SuperCore”). LifeFuels does not repair or replace, nor shall you ship to LifeFuels, the water vessel (including the cap), gasket, lanyard, wall charger, USB cable, or base cap.  If you accidentally send any of these components to us with your Bottle, you do so at your own risk. We will do our best to send them back, but we are not responsible for anything other than the SuperCore.  As such, please only ship the SuperCore when making a warranty claim. Your repaired or replacement Bottle is covered by the remainder of the returned Bottle’s original twelve (12) month warranty (if any).